paradis wine club

$50 for 2 bottles // $100 for 4 bottles
per month

“Soft” wines meant to be for immediate consumption, preferably with some friends. It’s table wine,
it’s everyday, and it’s probably what we’re
drinking when we're off.

Unpretentious, relaxed, 
and made for casual drinking.

Join this club if you want to get a sense of the focus of our shop’s wine ethos or as an introduction
to the spellbinding world of natural wine.
$80 for 2 bottles // $160 for 4 bottles
per month

“Serious” wines are those that can be tucked away in your wine cooler (fridge) for a while. Some of these are a little harder to find, a little nerdy, or very limited production. Some may just be wines we wish we
could drink more often.

"Serious" club members allow us to take more risks in our wine buying, bringing in more of the wonderful wines we long to see here in Miami.

Join this club if you want to dig deeper into what natural wine has to offer.

Each month, wine club members will enjoy handpicked wines that we're passionate about & inspired by, those that explore the reach and range of the natural wine world.

Free tastings for members
every first Monday of the month,
$5-10 sliding scale for non-members.

Members receive a paradis wine glass with their first  pick up!


Sign up by the 2nd to last Friday of the month @ 3pm EST. 

Membership is ongoing,
but you can cancel at any time by sending us an email and we will remove you from the list. 

We will send you an invoice
2 weeks before wines are available for pick up before charging your card on file.

Wines available for pick up at the shop on the first
Sundays and Mondays
of the month.

If you can’t make those days,
we kindly ask you to email us at hello@pbb.cafe to re-schedule.

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